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June Street Cottage

Mitchelton - traditional lands of the Turrbal people


Located on a typical suburban block in the leafy suburb of Mitchelton – June Street Cottage is a considered reinvigoration of a beautiful post war art deco cottage that provides a private sanctuary for the day-to-day rituals of a young family to unfold.

The original cottage was carefully restored and reconfigured to accommodate the new extension to the rear. The extension comprises a new kitchen, dining and living areas that open up to and wrap around a private alfresco courtyard and pool encouraging seamless indoor outdoor living. A step in the floor plate signifies a visual boundary between the ‘public’ living spaces and the ‘private’ sleeping quarters to the rear. Salvaged face brick and leadlight glazing from the original cottage were repurposed in the new extension to provide familiar visual cues creating a gradual transition between the original art deco cottage and the new extension, in effect blurring the line between old and new.

June Street Cottage explores a dialogue of connection and seclusion in a familial setting.




KA Hawkins Constructions Pty Ltd

Northside Enginering

Images: Peeters Photo

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